Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finding Time to Geocache!

photo taken by Kevin Kratka
Thank You Kevin for morphing some of my photos into spooky self portraits. This is my "alien skin" will turn blue also if you get the shakes from lack of geocaching. I have not been able to get out for the day and trample through the woods to find those wonderful plastic treasures just waiting for me.
Well the kids are at summer camp for the week and I the weather has been great here in Maine....we have warm sunny days and cool evening (temps in the 60's). You would think kids, no plans. I could act like a kid again....not really. I have been eating all my veggies and eating less. I do crave chinese food....and have an urge to eat bad. I am on a role loosing 5 lbs in the last few weeks. Okay, I am off subject again....back to geocaching. I have to pick up my kids on Friday evening, I have a 5 hour gap to hang around the town I work in until I have to pick them up. I plan on getting 5-10 caches in Waldo County. I live an hour in the other it looks like I will be bush wacking. The woods in Maine are very buggy with mosquito's and more and more reports of deer ticks. I guess walking around in the woods in the summer can be a challenge. You can add a level to your terrain tracker when it comes to those caches in the wooded area. I love those caches that are planted along the coast line in is usually cool and breezy which keeps most of the bugs away. Fall here is tourists, bugs, and the leaf folliage is amazing. WInter consumes at least 5 months of cold weather and at times heavy snow coverage. Caches slowly get burried and some of the plastic containers freeze and crack. It is common to find wet and water logged caches in April. I have no plans for a vacation out of state anytime soon....I cant wait to cache in warm weather in the winter....maybe a cache in the Dominican Republic. I will be there maybe in October. Stay tuned!


Blogger go_man said...

We agree about Geocaching in the fall, it's our favorite time. We also find it funny that we wait all winter to get out caching and then when summer comes there is so many other things that have to be done.

Thanks for the post,
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July 30, 2008 at 11:37 AM  

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